Trump and Erdogan’s War on Northern Syria is an Atrocity

Below are Some Very Important Facts Regarding the War on Northern Syria

No, Trump is not “pulling out” of Syria. He is simply moving troops away from Kurdish areas. This way the Turkish State can kill Kurds at will and expand its brutal occupation of Kurdish and other Syrian lands

This is a huge gift to ISIS. The YPG/SDF were the only effective force on the ground when it came to defeating ISIS in Syria and democratically stabilizing former ISIS territory. Attacking them unprovoked in this manner is supporting ISIS and a war crime.

This is the largest military assault against a democratic socialist society since the coup in Chile in 1973

YPG fighters in Rojava

Soon, in some of the most peaceful and democratic parts of Syria; War, torture, violent misogyny, and ethnic cleaning will reign among a back drop of utter chaos

Kidnappings of Kurds in Afrin for profit and/or ethnic cleansing are now commonplace. Yes, that is a child.

The people of Northern Syria support a free land, do not let anyone tell you otherwise. It is their voices that matter most.

Protest against the Turkish invasion of Afrin. Others are currently happening all over Rojava

This is a NATO war crime paid in part by US tax dollars and supported politically by the US. All of the Turkish state’s crimes against the Kurds are.

Not Syria, but the Kurdish border town of Nusaybin in Turkey, under Turkish occupation after Erdogan ended the peace process. The left wing and Kurdish HDP had a strong showing in this region. Nusaybin sits across from the largest city in Rojava, Qamishlo.
A Kurish artist was given 2 years and 10 months in a Turkish prison for painting the above so I will share it when I can.

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