To My Union Friends Supporting a Trump Government

A Vote for Trump is Now a Vote to Jeopardize Our Power as a Union and Our Safety as a Country

“It gives great flexibility to the companies.” (Trump on his support for anti union laws)
  • Trump’s Labor Board has consistently been putting out decisions and edicts that hurt us every day, it is unlike anything I have ever seen. They are undermining our right to negotiate, our right to protected unfair labor practice strikes, and even our right to have union reps be inside the hospital. Next, the boss will soon have the legal right to kick nurses and healthcare professionals out of their own hospital if they are engaged in union activity (not sarcasm). While all Republican board members have historically tilted towards the boss, this horror is unprecedented. It is basic corruption.
Bodies transported in the back of a pickup truck from Einstein Medical Center to the City Medical Examiners Office during the height of the outbreak
Kurds flee Trump’s foreign policy disaster

Labor Organizer in PA, International Solidarity, History, Labor Politics, Single Payer Activist, Democratic Socialism.

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