Elizabeth Warren, and others, give Donald Trump a Standing Ovation After he Attacks Bernie Sanders During the 2019 State of the Union

While identity remains a dominant factor within the cultural left, we often forget that the identity of “capitalist to my bones” is the one that matters most

I will admit that I was always a skeptic of liberal politicians. While better than their conservative counterparts, I find them fake, cynical…

Below are Some Very Important Facts Regarding the War on Northern Syria

No, Trump is not “pulling out” of Syria. He is simply moving troops away from Kurdish areas. This way the Turkish State can kill Kurds at will and expand its brutal occupation of Kurdish and other Syrian lands

Although mainstream framing this time is a bit better(than last year), seeing Trump’s move for what it obviously is, a coordinated pro War move instead of “anti war” one, this fact is still lost on some. Just to be very clear, Chief Pentagon Spokesman Jonathan Hoffman confirmed that the US…

A Focus on how Far Right Ideology is Symbiotic with Terrorism will Open More Doors

By focusing intense negative energy primarily on guns, we are not only polarizing massive amounts of potential allies (particularly in the US) but we are also letting the driving ideology behind mass killings, the actual cause, go unchallenged. At best, any challenge to right wing terrorist ideology gets diluted with…

Turkey, with US in support, has been given a green light to start a long and bloody war against the people of Northern Syria

US Troops and YPG commanders, in an act of detterance to Turkey, tour damages after deadly Turkish airstrikes on YPG/YPJ positions in 2017

An army of thousands of right wing Islamic Jihadists, including former Al Qaeda members and members of fascist organizations[1], have amassed on the borders of Rojava…

Heval Militan

Labor Organizer in PA, International Solidarity, History, Labor Politics, Single Payer Activist, Democratic Socialism.

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