The Deafening Silence of the international community (including Western Human Rights Organizations) is a required component for allowing the killing and disappearances to continue

I am old enough to have had my political coming of age when a good amount of attention was focused on the missing and murdered women of Juarez, Mexico. Human rights organizations like Amnesty International produced and released thick, formal reports documenting the abuses, disappearances, and murders. The plight of these women, as it should have been, was present not only in reports of human rights organizations, but also in songs, films, and the popular culture…

A Vote for Trump is Now a Vote to Jeopardize Our Power as a Union and Our Safety as a Country

“It gives great flexibility to the companies.” (Trump on his support for anti union laws)

While less of our fellow union members plan on voting for Trump than they did in 2016, we still need to do better. PA is a swing state and every vote counts.

If you really want the boss to call all of the shots when it comes to your wages, healthcare, scheduling, policy changes, and job security, Trump is your man. If that does not sound appetizing, I urge you to read below.

The above comments are not an…

Elizabeth Warren, and others, give Donald Trump a Standing Ovation After he Attacks Bernie Sanders During the 2019 State of the Union

While identity remains a dominant factor within the cultural left, we often forget that the identity of “capitalist to my bones” is the one that matters most

I will admit that I was always a skeptic of liberal politicians. While better than their conservative counterparts, I find them fake, cynical, hypocritical, inconsistent, and easily corruptible. That being said, I fully understood why many progressive minded people flocked to Warren’s campaign. Obviously, if she had the juice behind her, she would make one of the best Presidents this country has ever seen. There was a time when she pushed a fairly…

When Trump and his ally, Turkish President Erdogan, launched a new war against the Syrian Kurds in October, the news was front and center. Outside of tankie leftists and Trump sycophants, the US making way for the invasion was universally condemned. The state terrorist violence, ethnic cleansing, overall suffering, and tactical boost to ISIS, all predicted by anyone paying attention, have been proven true.

The press covered the lynching of a female Kurdish political leader. Videos of war crimes, including summery executions of Kurds and the mutilation of women’s bodies by Turkish backed jihadists, were a regular sight on my…

Below are Some Very Important Facts Regarding the War on Northern Syria

No, Trump is not “pulling out” of Syria. He is simply moving troops away from Kurdish areas. This way the Turkish State can kill Kurds at will and expand its brutal occupation of Kurdish and other Syrian lands

Although mainstream framing this time is a bit better(than last year), seeing Trump’s move for what it obviously is, a coordinated pro War move instead of “anti war” one, this fact is still lost on some. Just to be very clear, Chief Pentagon Spokesman Jonathan Hoffman confirmed that the US is not withdrawing from Syria. “..we have moved the U.S. forces in northern Syria out of the path of potential Turkish incursion to ensure their safety. We have made no changes to our force presence in Syria at this time.

This tactical move is simply in support of a new…

A Focus on how Far Right Ideology is Symbiotic with Terrorism will Open More Doors

By focusing intense negative energy primarily on guns, we are not only polarizing massive amounts of potential allies (particularly in the US) but we are also letting the driving ideology behind mass killings, the actual cause, go unchallenged. At best, any challenge to right wing terrorist ideology gets diluted with a liberal focus that when picked apart delves into some deep dive into the arbitrary minutia of US gun laws that most people, including those promoting them, do not understand. Worse yet, liberal platitudes often remain as empty as the conservative “thoughts and prayers”. The common rallying cry of “the…

Turkey, with US in support, has been given a green light to start a long and bloody war against the people of Northern Syria

US Troops and YPG commanders, in an act of detterance to Turkey, tour damages after deadly Turkish airstrikes on YPG/YPJ positions in 2017

An army of thousands of right wing Islamic Jihadists, including former Al Qaeda members and members of fascist organizations[1], have amassed on the borders of Rojava, backed by the Turkish military and led by autocrat Recep Tayipp Erdogan. …

Heval Militan

Labor Organizer in PA, International Solidarity, History, Labor Politics, Single Payer Activist, Democratic Socialism.

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